onsdag den 20. marts 2013

"Six of the Best" - and we don't mean centimeters!

The Smurques have emerged palid and bleary-eyed from their dungeon of dispair long enough to toss a bone to their label of choice, Mabel The Label, in the form of an early mix from their forth-coming second album. This first release from The Smurques for 2013 is included on the first of a series of 4 sampler-compilations entitled "Six of the Best".

In addition, the first "Six of the Best" presents the debut single from Navy Bruise, the second single from Terminal Argh (off their forthcoming album), a revived underground hit in the form of Hæst (featuring Laid Back), the golden vocals of Clark Anderson (of Safri Duo fame), and a track from the Hippo-sapien himself: OK Totem.

The first 100 downloads of "Six of the Best" @ Soundcloud will be FREE, after which the compilation can be found for streaming on Spotify, etc. and may be purchased on iTunes, or wherever good music of the best possible taste might otherwise be acquired.

And now for a word from our sponsor:

"Oh, mein gott! What a wonderful piece of music this is! I remember Montreaux, 1986. I was with the sound engineer in the middle of the hall and all I could think of was, "When do I get out of this verdammt wheelchair?!" I'd been hit by a mechanic's trolley in the pit lane at the Grand Prix. It was fucking bullshit, man! I missed out on Tambay and Brundel's ass-kicking crash-bang at Mirabeau, 'cause I was in a fucking ambulence with a broken ankle. Christian Danner hadn't qualified for the race, gotten piss-in-your-pants drunk as a sailor in his trailer and decided he'd come by the emergency room, steal a wheelchair and kidnap me so that we could hit the Jazz Festival or something and drown our sorrows in the local bubbly-wasser. And me all fucked up in meinem Kopf from all the painkillers and morphine and shit. But the band on stage that night was Talk Talk, and they blew my mind, man. It was live and electronic, and old and new. And... Ach, du liebezeit! ...it grooved like the squirrel that lives in my pants. It was 25 years since I experienced anything quite like Talk Talk. Or whoever it was... Dude! I was all fucked up... But "One for the Road" takes me back to that time. And to other times, too. It's headless hippy hallabaloo! Super-Duper!"

- from a cell-phone conversation with Hermann Crash-Bang, Mable The Label label manager (Germany)
at 10,000 meters (some would call it irresponsible... Hermann calls it "living dangerously") en route from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpa (recorded 17.03.2013).

søndag den 25. november 2012

The Smurques give their shit away on Mabel The Label's FREE "MixTape"

The Smurques are about as happy as they´re likely to get to have had 2 tracks from their debut album, ("Sygmatology" & "Happily Ever Aftermath") included on 'Mixtape' - a collection of tracks and remixes made by the artists that feature in the Mabel The Label catalogue.

These artists include The Smurque's very own Jah Bozo and Kalvefjæs (i.e. Jannick Næsted aka. OK Totem), our good friends Laid Back, Cock Robin, Terminal ARGH, Indistogether, Locobrigida, and Kidde goes Umpff, as well as other artists who we don't really know at all, like Her Scattered Gold, Everything But The Girl, Beyoncé and Deep Purple.

'Mixtape' consists of 19 tracks - original album-tracks, remixes, bootlegs, mashups. Some are previous releases, others are brand-new and exclusive to this collection, a few are from forthcoming releases, and some are ultra-secret bootlegs you'll never find anywhere else than on this mixtape. In the spirit of sharing and caring, Mabel The Label offers this compilation to anyone who could be bothered downloading it, absolutely free of charge, obligation, or risk of prosecution from the blood-sucking, hypocritical turds that police the internet (who can seriously just go fuck themselves, by the way! OK?).

Stream or download it HERE FOR FREE! Or just don't. Like, we could give a shit... y'know?

søndag den 7. oktober 2012

Mabel The Label releases The Smurques' "Happily Ever Aftermath", and so-fucking-what...?!?!?

Mabel The Label is proud to herald the release of "HAPPILY EVER AFTERMATH" - the debut album from the danish-based virtual band, THE SMURQUES -- a curious, postmodernist doggy-bag of stylistic elements, from hand-played jazz and drum & bass, ambient, electronica, reggae and dub, to nashville, rock, and pop vocals.

The Smurques are producer, Jah Bozo (previously of Banzai Republic), bassist, Jannick Næsted (OK Totem), jazz guitarist, Christian Bluhme, & drummer/percussionist, Pontus Torstensson (SORK, Echodeck), with the occassional guest vocalist, in this case by singer/song-writer, Jon Century.

The music of The Smurques is jammed into existance and then laborously tweeked, morphed and re-synced in the virtual realm. All this effort is admittedly largely for the sake of their own personal auditory amusement enhancement as, in these most questionable of times, musicians might as well just make music for themselves, and if anyone else likes it, well… BIG UP!

But thanks to the tireless efforts of Mabel The Label, The Smurques have finally been persuaded against their better judgement to share some of their favourite productions, so that at least someone else might enjoy them, too! Maybe many other someones... But probably not. Who knows...? Who cares???

But, no, I mean, like... seriously... Who actually gives a shit...? Like most bands now-a-days, The Smurques might as well release the soundtrack of themselves lighting their own farts (and they just yet may...) for all the difference it's going to make to this world of fucking, pop-sated philistines, much less The Smurques' own desperately flailing personal economies. Hell, they'd make a better living working at McDonald's, mopping up McPuke, or hosing out the McTrough! But as long as it doesn’t incur them any expense to put out their pretentious crap, then, it's like... yeah, whatever, y'know?

Mabel The Label will continue to release occassional selections of The Smurques' tracks well into this millenia, more or less in chronological order. Well... Gee... thanks, Mabel, for even bothering.......!!!

Now forget all of this.

"Happily Ever Aftermath" is available here:

onsdag den 29. august 2012

Video for 'For Who You Are'

An exercise in production at zero expense, "For Who You Are", the first Smurques' video, was shot over a couple of days in June, 2012, entirely on smart phones by Morten Umpff & Hermann Crash-Bang @ Villa Bozo, Brøndby Strand, and at the golf course, woods, and swamp across the road. It was edited & produced by Jah Bozo on his A-Book laptop, and is his first attempt at making a film of any kind whatsoever (so be nice...).

It stars Jannick Næsted, Jah Bozo, and his daughter, Ea. Gasmasks supplied by The Royal Danish Ballet.

Also the debut Smurques' audio release, "For Who You Are" features the languid tones of singer-songwriter, Jon Century, on vocal, as well as the usual Smurquettes: Christian Bluhme (guitar), Jannick Næsted (bass), & Pontus Torstensson (drums, percussion). It was massively edited, arranged, and otherwise produced by Jah Bozo & Jannick Næsted.

See more videos @ Mabel The Label